FarmFresh All Together 
FARMFRESH is a home delivery service that began with the idea of bringing organic vegetables straight from the farm to the tables of foreign residents in Japan without any plastic packaging as in supermarkets overseas.

The kinds of fruit and vegetables harvested vary from season to season in Japan. Those fresh produce are best eaten when they are in season and doing so is believed to be the best way to keep your health in balance during the changing seasons.

We deliver seasonal vegetables to your table, mainly from Jumonji, Takasaki city in Gunma prefecture.

Long ago, Mt. Haruna erupted and deposited volcanic ash. Thanks to this unique geological background, Jumonji area has soft well-drained soil and of good quality. Jumonji Daikon is a specific radish which is one of unique and delicious vegetables produced by such high-quality soil. Many customers look forward to the Jumonji Daikon harvest every winter.

Taking advantage of the good quality soil in Jumonji, we grow vegetables by literally “leaving them alone “as much as possible and letting nature take its course. We really hope you will feel the power of nature’s blessings.


Our Goal 

In the course of working together with farmers in Jumonji, we have come to meet a variety of growers and producers in different fields.

We have met farmers who have succeeded in growing delicious fruit after years of trial and error.

We have come to know those who produce surprisingly tasty sausages.

They are too good to keep to ourselves.

Now, we are planning to bring these special foods for our customers to enjoy. Also, another exciting plan is underway. We are now preparing a camping site in Jumonji district we are based for all of our customers to enjoy camping and BBQ.

There, we would like to organize harvest events, so if you are interested, please come and join us.