Next Vegetable Delivery Scheduled for Saturday, April 8

Order deadline Saturday, April 1

Vegetable orders currently arriving the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month - weekly shipments available to existing subscribers. Fruit Delivered every Saturday when available.

Always organic and plastic free

Please Look at What Is In Season

Our Current Vegetable Selection

Leek/Naganegi ⻑ネギ

Eggplant なす

Shiitake Mushroom 椎茸

Garlic にんにく

Asparagus アスパラ

Green Spring Onions/Scallions 小ネギ

Mini Kabocha Pumpkin Squash ミニカボチャ

Butternut Squash バターナッツカボチャ

Mini-Tomato ミニトマト

"Children's" Green Peppers 苦くないピーマン

Onion 玉ねぎ

Potatoes じゃがいも

White Maitake Mushroom ⽩舞茸

Beets ビーツ

Black Maitake Mushroom ⿊舞茸

Sweet Green Chili Peppers/Togarashi

String Beans いんげん

Komatsuna Spinach ⼩松菜

Red Japanese Chili Peppers (Togarashi) 生唐辛子

Basil バジル

Water Spinach 空芯菜

Turnip かぶ

Check Out Our Recipe Page!

In addition to providing fresh, organic produce and our dedication to sustainable farming and rural development, FarmFresh takes a wholehearted interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We are proud to partner with Mayuko's Little Kitchen in Tokyo to provide you with delicious and healthy recipes (such as eggplant with sweet miso pictured here) that will inspire you to make the most of your kitchen experience!

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FarmFresh is a group of Japan residents, both American and Japanese, who wish to bring the best farm fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and other artisan products that Japan has to offer to Japan's expat and English speaking community - direct to your home.​

The FarmFresh mission, in addition to delivering the highest quality to Japan's English speaking and foreign community, is to provide support and economic stimulation to rural areas while being a friend to the environment we all live in​.