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Small Size Vegetable Box Subscription Options

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Our Current Vegetable Selection

Leek/Naganegi ⻑ネギ

Eggplant なす

Shiitake Mushroom 椎茸

Garlic にんにく

Asparagus アスパラ

Green Spring Onions/Scallions 小ネギ

Mini Kabocha Pumpkin Squash ミニカボチャ

Butternut Squash バターナッツカボチャ

Mini-Tomato ミニトマト

"Children's" Green Peppers 苦くないピーマン

Onion 玉ねぎ

Potatoes じゃがいも

White Maitake Mushroom ⽩舞茸

Beets ビーツ

Black Maitake Mushroom ⿊舞茸

Sweet Green Chili Peppers/Togarashi

String Beans いんげん

Komatsuna Spinach ⼩松菜

Red Japanese Chili Peppers (Togarashi) 生唐辛子

Basil バジル

Water Spinach 空芯菜

Turnip かぶ

The small vegetable box will contain approximately 5-6 vegetable varieties and is suitable for individuals, couples, or small families for approximately 1 week. For extra please try our bonus size box (approximately 6-7 vegetable varieties). FarmFresh provides organic, locally grown produce that is seasonal and always shipped plastic free.

Once you order, you will receive updates through your registered e-mail address about what is available. Please indicate preferences on what you would like delivered or what you wish to avoid. Feel free to adjust each delivery or leave your preferences in place. If you are unsure of preferences or generally open to whatever comes, leave the selection to us.

Please browse our selection of seasonal fresh produce and choose a subscription that works for you. 

Shipping Information

FarmFresh currently delivers on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, with some fruit and special deliveries on other Saturdays. Location and weather conditions might affect delivery.

  • Subscription Policy

    Subscriptions are cancellable for up to the first 2 deliveries and must be communicated prior to the third delivery by contacting​

    After the first 2 deliveries, subscriptions are cancellable every 3 months (exceptions can be made for circumstances such as overseas relocation).

    Subscriptions may be put on hold for reasons such as travel or holiday by contacting, at which point the cancellation period will extend for the duration of the suspended period

    Bi-weekly subscriptions are delivered on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. If another delivery date, such as Sunday or Monday, is needed please contact

    Monthly subscriptions will be delivered on the next scheduled Saturday delivery date and each month on the same corresponding Saturday (i.e. 2nd Saturday, 4th Saturday). If there is a preferred delivery date of the month, or if another delivery date, such as Sunday or Monday, is needed please contact At the moment FarmFresh only delivers on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.