In addition to providing fresh, organic produce and our dedication to sustainable farming and rural development, FarmFresh takes a wholehearted interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many healthy vegetables and fruits that our earth provides. Please use this page of recipes to make your own kitchen a forum for building a healthy diet and lifestyle with the earth's own natural resources!

We are proud to partner with Mayuko Okada from Mayuko's Little Kitchen in Tokyo to provide you with delicious and healthy recipes that will inspire you to make the most of your kitchen experience!

Please check out Mayuko's website and contact her directly about her in-person cooking classes and learn how to hone your culinary skills, or simply enjoy creating one culinary masterpiece after another with like-minded individuals - in English!


Mayuko's Little Kitchen

A little kitchen & a big heart 

Mayuko says that "in a private little kitchen in the middle of Tokyo, I will teach you how to prepare what Japanese people really eat as an everyday meal. You will learn the basics of Japanese food, seasonings, and table customs in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Our small classes are all in English. My kitchen may be small, but I try to welcome the world with great hospitality."

Monthly "Survival Cooking Class in Tokyo"

Sushi and ramen do not exemplify what we eat daily in Japan. We eat foods cooked with dried daikon, dried hijiki seaweed and shijimi clams, etc.
It is only natural that foreigners would tend to shy away from such unfamiliar ingredients. But they are what locals actually cook with. They have enriched today’s Japanese food culture, and most of them are considered to be "superfoods". I am very excited to finally be able to offer this series of classes especially serving expats and foreign residents in Tokyo area, using hardcore, traditional ingredients. Learn the cooking “survival” skills tourists will never know.